Big questions we’ve had ourselves and that we’ve gotten a lot from IndivisibleEB-ers is “Does my call count? What if the line is busy? Can I email instead?”

Well, Indivisible East Bay did a little research and here’s what we found. The results are reflected in our daily call/email script page.

MoC Calls/ emails/ faxes/ postcards tallied the same? Lag time? Is more than 1 issue per call/email OK? What do you need to provide? Say “I don’t need a response”?
Rep. DeSaulnier Yes Email through the website or single-issue calls are fastest Yes! Full address and email address Yes
Rep. Lee Calls are the best Call DC office for legislative issues Yes Zip code No
Rep. Salwell Yes No Yes Full address No
Sen. Harris Yes No Yes Zip code Yes
Sen. Feinstein Yes Emails take up to a week to tally Yes Zip code Yes

6 thoughts on “Blog post: So you called your MoC. Did it count?

  1. Thanks! I can’t help but chuckle with the senators response to “I don’t need a response” because I’ve never mentioned this and yet have NEVER received a response.

  2. This is great, thank you!

    Re: responses, I have received a response from a MoC before. It came months later and summarized the actions they had taken on that issue, along with the final outcome. It was not just some form letter saying they’d received my message. So, I do believe it’s courteous to mention you don’t need a response.

  3. Surprised that emails and calls are given the same weight. Seems to be different from what I learned early on from the original Indivisible Guide. Is this just the case because our reps in the East Bay (and our senators) are particularly responsive and make an effort to track emails, while others ignore emails?

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