A big part of the Indivisible playbook for holding our elected officials accountable is appearing at public events and asking questions. And the congressional recess period, when our Members of Congress come back to their states and districts, is coming up. During this time our Members of Congress are supposed to meet with their constituents, that is, if they’re doing their job.

Unfortunately, Senator Feinstein does not normally attend town-hall style meetings where she takes open-ended questions from her constituents. That may change this year, thanks to Indivisible East Bay leader Amelia Cass. Cass drafted a letter asking Senator Feinstein to participate in a town hall on February 26 in Oakland. To support the request, Cass not only found a venue for a town hall event, but also collected endorsements from local Indivisible chapters and other local groups representing nearly 15,000 members in the Bay Area. There’s no guarantee that Senator Feinstein will agree, however. You can do your part to help make this idea a reality by calling Senator Feinstein’s office this week (here’s a link to our daily call page), mentioning the letter and making a direct request that Senator Feinstein appear at the event.

Indivisible EB Town Hall Request 2-11-17.jpg

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