On February 9th, IEB members and members of Indivisible Lake Merritt met with Joshua Quigley, Barbara Lee’s District Director, during a regularly scheduled office hours session at the Alameda city library. More people showed up to the office hours in Alameda than ever before. Joshua told IEB attendees that Lee’s number one priority at this time is to resist the Trump administration’s agenda in any way that she can and that the efforts of activists throughout the country have already stalled the pace of planned executive and legislative actions. The continued pressure of protestors, callers, and constituents is essential according to Joshua.

This past week Lee herself has also been active in using her power to represent the wishes of her constituents this week. She is investigating legal remedies to remove Steve Bannon from the National Security Council and released public statements in opposition to the confirmation of Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions. Lee also sits on the house appropriations and budget committees, both of which currently have the ACA repeal and the ACA replace bills before them. Calls to Lee this week should be to ask her what she is doing to protect the immigrant communities in CA-13 from recent ICE actions, to urge her to influence the budget and appropriations deliberations on the ACA in any way that she can, and to thank her for her public and unequivocal opposition to many of the Trump nominees and legislative agendas proposed thus far.

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