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  • We successfully brought a prestigious member of Congress staffer to the East Bay.
  • We got him to commit to Sen. Feinstein holding a town hall during the next recess period!
    • “It would be the week of April 17th. She made the commitment, she will hold to the commitment, and we’ll figure out where and when it’s going to be—and it might not just be one, we’ll see.”
  • We gave dozens of people the opportunity to voice their concerns to someone with the ear of a Senator. Watch this video clip to get a glimpse of how it went down!


Over 100 people came to our meeting with Senator Feinstein’s state director at the Berkeley Public Library on Friday. Sean went over the best ways for us to communicate with his office and then we had some in-depth discussions about the budget, the supreme court, immigration, the Russia investigations, education, and more. Several of our members shared personal stories about what they stood to lose under the AHCA, and the whole room cheered when someone announced the news that the Republicans had just withdrawn the bill. Sean also confirmed that Sen. Feinstein has committed to hold a town hall in April (and hinted at more). And at the end of the meeting, he said, “Let’s do this again.” And we will!

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