Indivisible East Bay has endorsed California Propositions 15, 16, and 17 for the November election and urges a YES vote on all three.

IEB has supported Schools and Communities First, the campaign to get Proposition 15 on the ballot, for the past few years because we support increased funding for education and community services. Proposition 15 would close a loophole that currently allows large corporation, who also benefit from these community investments, to avoid paying their fair share in property taxes. Learn more about how this proposition will make sure large corporations give back to our communities here.

IEB strongly supports racial justice and recognizes that a history of racist policies and practices has led to persistent inequities that we must acknowledge and address. California took a grave step backwards on this when we banned affirmative action in public schools and employment. We support righting this wrong through Proposition 16. Find out more here

IEB has also previously supported the Free the Vote campaign to restore voting rights to people on parole, which would be enacted through Proposition 17. There are 50,000 Californians who have completed their prison sentences but are still barred from exercising their right to vote due to their parole status. Find out more about how this proposition would help them and restore justice here

We urge our members and neighbors here in the East Bay (and all throughout California) to vote YES on Propositions 15, 16, and 17 this November. 

2020 Endorsed

Note: We have identified these three propositions as the most important and relevant to our values and to groups and communities that we support. This choice of where best to spend our energy is not intended to imply opposition to other ballot measures.