Indivisible East Bay is making our first foray into candidate evaluation by developing a process for considering endorsement of Pamela Price for District Attorney. We will be working on additional candidate evaluations ahead of the general election in November. If you are interested in adding your brilliance to our team, please find us on IEB Slack in the  #candidate-evaluation 


Alameda County district attorney candidate Pamela Price has asked IEB for our endorsement in the June 5 election. Our candidate evaluation team has reviewed her record and that of her opponent. Nancy O’Malley, the incumbent DA, is also a Democrat with a decent record whose stated positions on most issues are relatively progressive. But Price is a strong advocate for criminal justice reform, and we expect that she will address the problems in our system more effectively than someone like O’Malley who has been in office for 10 years and has not put forward a strong vision for change.

Fighting for criminal justice reform is one of IEB’s core values, and our governance committee* is considering voting to endorse Price. But first, we want to hear what the rest of our members think about this potential endorsement. Please take a look at the report card our candidate evaluation team has put together. It goes over some of the candidates’ key positions and other endorsers.

Then, if you live in Alameda County and consider yourself a member of IEB—and if you are not already signed up to receive IEB emails—and would like to receive a link to the survey, please join our mailing list here by midnight on Wednesday, 5/23

*Note: Our governance committee is made up of volunteers who have chosen to take a leadership role in the organization and vote on issues such as endorsements, fundraising, etc. It’s open to any member willing to make certain commitments including devoting 10 hours per month to IEB work. For more information click here or email