CA-15 Makes Community Connections

By Ward Kanowsky, co-lead of the IEB CA-15 Team Our team has been busy connecting with folks in CA-15. Recently, I attended the general membership meeting of Livermore Indivisible, held at the Livermore Public Library. Their organization is structured by focus groups (health care, education, environment, etc.) and each group has a report out--about 20 … Continue reading CA-15 Makes Community Connections

Watching the Electors

When voter suppression tactics prevent citizens from exercising their right to vote, election outcomes fail to represent the true will of the people. - Election Watch program overview 2016 was the first presidential election after the Supreme Court gutted key protections of the Voting Rights Act in Shelby County v. Holder (2013). Free to alter voting … Continue reading Watching the Electors

IEB Text Banks with Rapid Resist

In the first week of October, IEB members held a text bank at Drake's Dealership in Oakland and enjoyed pizza, beer, and each other's company! We teamed up with Oakland-based Rapid Resist, the "immune system for the resistance," to text voters in Oceanside, CA, and Tuscon, AZ, asking them to call on their members of … Continue reading IEB Text Banks with Rapid Resist

Help the OtO Team Find Partners

The mission of IEB's Outreach to Organizations (OtO) team is to build partnerships with and support effective community groups. Two great examples of organizations that have been working in the trenches for years and that OtO has been working with: the Alameda County Community Food Bank, which among other things fights to save SNAP (food stamps) … Continue reading Help the OtO Team Find Partners

Gun Bills in the Spotlight

After the deadly events that played out in Las Vegas, two controversial pro-gun bills moving through the House this fall are in the spotlight. The first is the SHARE Act (Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act). Backed by the NRA, the 144 page bill covers a lot of ground. Aiming to open current restrictions on … Continue reading Gun Bills in the Spotlight

Visit With Eric Swalwell’s District Director

On September 27, IEB's CA-15 Team had the opportunity to meet with Tim Sbranti, Deputy Chief of Staff and District Director for Congressmember Eric Swalwell. This was our first meeting with a member of Swalwell's staff; here’s what we talked about and the main takeaways from the discussion: IEB's objectives: to stop Trump’s agenda (a … Continue reading Visit With Eric Swalwell’s District Director

Volunteer for ACILEP Rapid Response Training

Learn how to verify Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) activity and be a legal observer to protect our communities from ICE! The Alameda County Immigration Legal and Education Partnership (ACILEP) invites you to join its team of volunteer responders to resist ICE raids and deportations. Rehearse critical and creative tactics for effective action. No legal experience … Continue reading Volunteer for ACILEP Rapid Response Training