June All Members Meeting recap

A global pandemic and political turmoil can’t slow Indivisible East Bay down! Our monthly All Members Meeting via Zoom on June 28 was jam-packed with our usual full agenda. Kicking off with intros, we reprised the popular icebreaker from our June 13 Voter Outreach Palooza by sharing ideas for the first bill we each want … Continue reading June All Members Meeting recap

Celebrate Juneteenth with Action

By Ann G. Daniels Deadline: NOW -  Lest we forget, we aren't just saying the names of Black lives who matter far away. This Juneteenth - and after - demand justice for Black lives that matter close to home. In the East Bay: Law enforcement in our local counties, cities, and governmental agencies affect Black … Continue reading Celebrate Juneteenth with Action

We came, we saw, we Paloozed!

Indivisible East Bay kicked off our summer of voter outreach at the  first Virtual Voter Outreach Palooza on Saturday, June 13! Virtual voter outreach is critical this election season for many reasons - canvassing in person may be off the table for the Fall, but also, since we're so weighed down by the news, taking … Continue reading We came, we saw, we Paloozed!

Blue Wave Group: IEB’s Partners for 2020 & Beyond

Updated March 19, 2020 This is our new improved version of our article, Flip 2020 Blue With IEB's Partners. We added several new options for people to help flip the Senate & White House, and keep the House, including great ways to take action from home. In 2018, Indivisible East Bay worked with other amazing … Continue reading Blue Wave Group: IEB’s Partners for 2020 & Beyond

And then there were Nine (Debates)

By Ted Lam On February 19, sixteen Indivisible East Bay CA-11 team members and friends watched the ninth Democratic debate prior to the team meeting. Everyone agreed the debate was lively and provided relevant information for our own March 3 primary decision making.  Toward the end of the debate, attendees who supported Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, … Continue reading And then there were Nine (Debates)

IEB’s January 2020 visit to DC

On our January 2020 trip to DC, Indivisible East Bay met with Representative Barbara Lee (CA-13), Senator Dianne Feinstein’s chief of staff and legislative director, Senator Kamala Harris’ legislative director, and immigration and foreign policy specialists from various offices. We also had several more informal chats ranging from breakfast with a former staffer for Senator … Continue reading IEB’s January 2020 visit to DC

Flipping Arizona, From A to Z

By Andrea Lum We are thrilled to share that Indivisible East Bay is now an official partner with Flip the West! After their overwhelming success in 2018 as Flip the 14, and after months spent researching and strategizing how to convert those purple states to blue, the newly-named Flip the West is ready to roll. … Continue reading Flipping Arizona, From A to Z

California Presidential Primary 101

By Heidi Rand Deadline: Now and ongoing - 2020's here at last, and our clear vision is to sweep out the corrupt, lawless GOP with a Blue Tsunami! The Presidential Election is Tuesday, November 3, 2020 - getcher countdown clock here. But this is no spectator sport, fellow politics fans. When's the last time you checked … Continue reading California Presidential Primary 101

Thanking all of you from all of us

By Ann G. Daniels and Heidi Rand It’s become our annual tradition at this time to list some people and things that have been keeping us going through the Tunnel of AYFKM. Here’s our list from last year, and our list from 2017. As the weird keeps getting weirder (to put it mildly), amazing folks … Continue reading Thanking all of you from all of us