Celebrate Juneteenth with Action

By Ann G. Daniels Deadline: NOW -  Lest we forget, we aren't just saying the names of Black lives who matter far away. This Juneteenth - and after - demand justice for Black lives that matter close to home. In the East Bay: Law enforcement in our local counties, cities, and governmental agencies affect Black … Continue reading Celebrate Juneteenth with Action

We came, we saw, we Paloozed!

Indivisible East Bay kicked off our summer of voter outreach at the  first Virtual Voter Outreach Palooza on Saturday, June 13! Virtual voter outreach is critical this election season for many reasons - canvassing in person may be off the table for the Fall, but also, since we're so weighed down by the news, taking … Continue reading We came, we saw, we Paloozed!

IEB In Place Photo Project Needs You!

It's the perfect time to collect images of your hard work resisting and saving democracy from home, so we're introducing our new creative project, “IEB In Place.” We'd love to showcase YOU while making calls, texting, writing/decorating postcards, or other indivisible-related activities. To participate, send in a photo of you in action (include any Indivisible … Continue reading IEB In Place Photo Project Needs You!

Community Love in the Time of COVID

Deadline: Start now and keep going -  COVID-19 has challenged us all. While the quack-in-chief is recommending ingesting cleaning products and taking potentially dangerous prescription medicine that hasn’t been approved for a condition he claims he doesn’t have, some of us are taking the opportunity to do our research and do some good.  We are … Continue reading Community Love in the Time of COVID

Blue Wave Group: IEB’s Partners for 2020 & Beyond

Updated March 19, 2020 This is our new improved version of our article, Flip 2020 Blue With IEB's Partners. We added several new options for people to help flip the Senate & White House, and keep the House, including great ways to take action from home. In 2018, Indivisible East Bay worked with other amazing … Continue reading Blue Wave Group: IEB’s Partners for 2020 & Beyond

January 2020 All Members Meeting

On Sunday, January 26, Indivisible East Bay had its monthly All Members Meeting and THIRD ANNIVERSARY PARTY! Hey, we celebrate any chance we get! We welcomed everyone by talking about who we are and what we do, introducing ourselves to each other, and sharing thoughts on what makes us hopeful. Governance Committee member Ted discussed … Continue reading January 2020 All Members Meeting

Flipping Arizona, From A to Z

By Andrea Lum We are thrilled to share that Indivisible East Bay is now an official partner with Flip the West! After their overwhelming success in 2018 as Flip the 14, and after months spent researching and strategizing how to convert those purple states to blue, the newly-named Flip the West is ready to roll. … Continue reading Flipping Arizona, From A to Z