Training Ambassadors for Schools & Communities Act

By Toni Henle The 2020 election isn't only about getting Greed-Personified-in-Chief out of the White House. Also on the ballot in November 2020: the Schools and Communities First Act (SCF) a ballot initiative that would reclaim $11 billion every year for schools and local communities by a closing a California corporate property tax loophole that benefits … Continue reading Training Ambassadors for Schools & Communities Act

You Can Help Get Coal Outta Richmond!

By Janis Hashe and Janet Scoll Johnson Push is quickly coming to shove in the accelerating fight to end coal transport through Richmond. An ordinance that would prohibit new coal handling and storage infrastructure and phase out existing coal operations over a period of years is scheduled to come before the Richmond City Council in … Continue reading You Can Help Get Coal Outta Richmond!

Indivisible California Conference 2019

By Nancy Latham On February 16 and 17, about 200 people from Indivisible groups all over California came together in Santa Monica’s Lincoln Middle School (where Stephen Miller went – we exorcised his ghost) for an invigorating weekend of learning, connecting, and thinking about the future! The five people from Indivisible East Bay who went … Continue reading Indivisible California Conference 2019

Terminate the tax on periods – period!

By Rosemary Jordan Action deadline: March 8 and ongoing - Taxing period products is absurd and unjust. Under California law, health items like walkers, medical identification tags, and prescription medications - including Viagra! - are not taxed. But menstrual health products are not tax exempt in California, even though they are considered medical necessities by the … Continue reading Terminate the tax on periods – period!

And then we were Two

Indivisible East Bay held its two year anniversary at our All Members Meeting on Sunday January 27, celebrating our successes and quickly diving into what comes next. To get us rolling, Governance Committee members Nick, Toni, and Linh outlined the importance of HR 1, also known as the For the People Act, and how we … Continue reading And then we were Two

H.R. 1 is Priority One

By Ion Yannopoulos and Ann Daniels Even little kids know how voting works: you vote, your vote gets counted, everyone else’s vote gets counted, the totals are added up, and the winner is the one who gets the most votes. Simple. Or not. In real-life elections, there are so many ways this goes wrong. Let’s … Continue reading H.R. 1 is Priority One

Join us at the Women’s March 2019

Flaunt your Indivisible East Bay pride by marching with us and our Indivisible Berkeley friends in the third annual Women’s March Oakland, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, January 19. This year's march is co-hosted by Women's March Oakland and Black Women Organized for Political Action. Register here (free) to get updates and so organizers can estimate attendance. To … Continue reading Join us at the Women’s March 2019

The shutdown is our national emergency

It's obvious to anyone who thinks before talking (or tweeting) that the government shutdown harms everyone, not just Democrats. But when pants are on fire, we need more than what's obvious - we all need to be able to stand up and tell the truth. No, the people who long for this administration to fulfill … Continue reading The shutdown is our national emergency

November All Members Meet and Eat

At November's Indivisible East Bay All Members Meeting we spent more time eating than meeting. Several dozen members and guests gathered to enjoy tasty food and each other’s company for our potluck and post-election celebration. We also fit in a bit of business -- Governance Committee (GC) member and CA-11 team co-lead Ted led us … Continue reading November All Members Meet and Eat

Help elect Barrow Georgia Sec’y of State

Secretary of State -- that's a position we often don’t pay attention to till election time rolls around and we realize we're stuck with a Republican who has abused the position to disenfranchise minorities and suppress voters' rights -- Georgia, we're lookin' at you! Georgia, where Brian Kemp, who "won" (yeah, we do mean cheated … Continue reading Help elect Barrow Georgia Sec’y of State