Indivisibles across the country are embracing our grassroots power to influence elections by making endorsements. While the East Bay doesn’t have a field of spunky newcomers competing for the chance to take down a vulnerable GOP incumbent, we do have three Congressmembers who have done an exceptional job representing our values this term.

To show our appreciation for the work Mark DeSaulnier, Barbara Lee, and Eric Swalwell have done in DC on our behalf, we propose giving them the official IEB endorsement, and also nominating them for a National Indivisible endorsement.

By endorsing them both locally and nationally, we both give our reps. strong encouragement to keep doing what they are doing, and also grow the collective power of the Indivisible movement.

Reps. Swalwell, Lee, and DeSaulnier have the strong approval of the IEB teams working with their offices and from what we’ve seen, they are also extremely popular with our membership at large.

But before going all in, we wanted to confirm that our members want to take this step. So please fill out this ballot to let us know whether you support the endorsement of the representative in your district. Anyone who considers themselves a member of IEB and a constituent in CA-11, CA-13, or CA-15 is strongly encouraged to vote.

As for the more potentially controversial races, such as Senate, governor, state assembly, and various local offices, we will soon be rolling out a more deliberative process involving a candidate evaluation team. Our expectation is that actual endorsements will be rare—in most cases we will stick to scoring candidates on a range of issues that are important to our group. More info coming soon on this. Please sign up here if you are interested. Or come to our next all member meeting on March 25.

To be emailed a ballot, use the mailing list subscription form below by 9pm PST on Monday March 12 (yes, you’ll be added to our email list if you are not currently subscribed):

Please email with any questions or if you haven’t received a ballot within 24 hours.