Indivisible East Bay is a grassroots organization inspired by the Indivisible Guide, which provides a practical framework for resisting the Trump agenda. By standing together, we can keep the pressure on our representatives to defend progressive values and fight for us in Washington.

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  • IEB In Place Photo Project Needs You!
    It’s the perfect time to collect images of your hard work resisting and saving democracy from home, so we’re introducing our new creative project, “IEB In Place.” We’d love to showcase YOU while making calls, texting, writing/decorating postcards, or other … Continue reading Read more
  • Community Love in the Time of COVID
    Deadline: Start now and keep going –  COVID-19 has challenged us all. While the quack-in-chief is recommending ingesting cleaning products and taking potentially dangerous prescription medicine that hasn’t been approved for a condition he claims he doesn’t have, some of … Continue reading Read more
  • Call like your right to vote depends on it
    By Ion Y. Deadline: Now – The problem: The 2020 elections are now six months away. Dr. Anthony Fauci says it’s “in the realm of possibility” for us to have a vaccine by January – cross your fingers, we’ll have a new … Continue reading Read more
  • Bailout for the People
    By Ann G. Daniels Deadline: NOW – Day Eleventy-nine, bailout double overtime, and Congress still hasn’t gotten it right. (Yes, we blame Shake Shack & Ruth’s Chris getting small biz $$ on Congress – ever hear of oversight?) Indivisible National’s website … Continue reading Read more
  • It’s called COVID: Stop the Anti-Asian Hate
    By Sylvia Chi, Balvinder Kumar and Andrea Lum We are grateful to the Asian Pacific Islander Faculty and Staff Association at CSU East Bay for their guidance and for sharing the list of resources and information in this article. For … Continue reading Read more
  • Tell Congress, save small businesses
    By Ann G. Daniels and Marcello Lanfranchi Deadline: ASAP –  It’s less than a week into the small business program that Congress enacted as part of the latest COVID-19 relief package, and it’s already clear that the plan was massively … Continue reading Read more
  • Save the US Postal Service
    By Ted Lam Deadline: Now – There are reports that without an infusion of funding, the US Postal Service might have to shutter its operations by June. Without the USPS functioning properly, there’s little hope that vote by mail will … Continue reading Read more
  • Join your public library, see the world
    By Heidi Rand While public library branches are closed and you’re following California’s order to stay home other than for essential needs, your library card is the key to a whole universe of free ebooks, newspapers, entertainment, reference and educational … Continue reading Read more
  • Safe Elections in the time of COVID
    By Ann G. Daniels To vote, or not to vote? To vote, of course (check your registration)! How and when to vote safely during the pandemic? Since California moved our primary to Super Tuesday, we don’t have to deal with … Continue reading Read more
  • COVID-19 bills: Help People, Not Corporations
    By Ann G. Daniels Deadline: This minute – Congress is working right now to pass much-needed relief for everyone suffering during – and because of – the coronavirus. But there’s a problem: although events are in flux, as of this … Continue reading Read more

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