This Tracker is organized by priority for action on a timeline. The nominees closest to confirmation are at the top of the list, and the newest nominees are at the bottom. The nominees have been further divided by court: Court of Appeals, District, and Federal Claims.

Pending Floor Vote means the nominee has only one more step to go before confirmation for a federal judgeship: a floor vote before the full Senate. If you want to contact your Senators about a nominee in this category, act fast before the Senate votes!

Pending Committee Vote means the nominee has had a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, but the committee has not yet voted on whether to move the nomination forward.

Hearing Scheduled means the nominee has been scheduled for a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on his or her qualifications for a federal judgeship.

Pending Committee Hearing means the nominee has been submitted by the President to the Senate Judiciary Committee for consideration for a federal judgeship.

The blue slip is a long-standing custom by which the home state senators of the nominee must approve the nomination before it can move forward to a committee hearing. The national team of Indivisible explains more in Legislative Process 101–Blue Slips.

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