This Tracker is organized by priority for action on a timeline. The nominees closest to confirmation are at the top of the list, and the newest nominees are at the bottom. The nominees have been further divided by court: Court of Appeals, District, and Federal Claims.

Pending Floor Vote means the nominee has only one more step to go before confirmation for a federal judgeship: a floor vote before the full Senate. 

Pending Committee Vote means the nominee has had a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, but the committee has not yet voted on whether to move the nomination forward.

Hearing Scheduled means the nominee has been scheduled for a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on his or her qualifications for a federal judgeship.

Pending Committee Hearing means the nominee has been submitted by the President to the Senate Judiciary Committee for consideration for a federal judgeship.

The blue slip is a long-standing custom by which the home state senators of the nominee must approve the nomination before it can move forward to a committee hearing. The national team of Indivisible explains more in Legislative Process 101–Blue Slips. We also speak about the status of this bipartisan custom in Blue Slip Process

This tracker shows the pending status of each nomination and the length of time since the nomination was announced. Our call scripts and memos on pending nominees are listed in the sidebar to the right ▶︎


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