Britt Grant has been nominated by Trump for a lifetime judgeship to the federal appeals court. She has a troubling record of far right wing views. As a lawyer Grant has worked

  • Against women’s reproductive rights and Roe v. Wade
  • Against common sense gun safety
  • Against voters’ rights
  • Against the ACA and federal aid for health insurance
  • Against same sex marriage and LGBT equality
  • Against the DACA program
  • Against environmental protection laws

Grant has only 11 years of courtroom experience when the ABA guidelines give a minimum requirement of 12 years for a federal judge. She is unqualified to be a federal judge.

Last year Grant was appointed to the Georgia Supreme Court by Georgia’s Republican Governor. She had no previous experience as a judge whatsoever. Now she is nominated to a federal appeals court that is only one step below the U.S. Supreme Court.

Are the Republicans pushing Grant up the ranks because they know what kind of judge they’re getting? We think so. Grant is 40 years old and nominated for a lifetime federal judgeship. She could be an extremely conservative judge for a very long time.

Please call or email your U.S. Senators to vote NO on Britt Grant.


Hi, my name is [name] and I’m a constituent from [zip code]. I’m calling to ask the Senator to vote No on the nomination of Britt Grant for a lifetime judgeship on the federal appeals court. Grant has a troubling record of far right wing views. I’m concerned she will be a biased judge. She also lacks enough courtroom experience under ABA guidelines, and she is unqualified to be a federal judge.

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