Talking points for office visit with senators’ staff

We are asking Senator [name] to vote against the nomination of Matthew Kacsmaryk for a judgeship to federal district court. As an attorney for the First Liberty Institute, Kacsmaryk has a long history of advocating against LGBTQ and women’s reproductive rights. We are concerned that Kacsmaryk will be unable to set aside his extreme views and act as an impartial judge on cases involving these issues.

  • Kacsmaryk has supported allowing hospitals, businesses, and landlords to discriminate against LGBTQ persons because of religious beliefs.
  • He has said that LGBTQ rights are part of a sexual revolution that is “typified by lawlessness.”
  • He has opposed policies that support women’s reproductive rights, including the ACA contraceptive requirement for employers, and a state law that requires pharmacists to supply emergency contraception.

Matthew Kacsmaryk has built his legal career opposing equal rights for millions of his fellow citizens. His harsh rhetoric about LGBTQ rights and women’s reproductive rights indicates that he has little regard for established legal precedent on these issues. His nomination should be rejected. We are asking the Senator to vote against this extremist nominee for a lifelong position on the federal court.

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