We are asking the Senator to vote against the nomination of Don Willett for judge on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. His record as a judge is extremely conservative and reactionary. We believe he is out of touch with what people expect, value, and want in today’s world.

  • As a judge Willett has supported long-discarded case law that has been used to strike down minimum wage laws and other legal protections for workers. His view is so far out of the mainstream that it has been rejected by other conservative judges.
  • Willett has ridiculed economic discrimination against women, such as “glass ceilings” and the lack of pay equality. He has dismissed the issue of sexual discrimination and harassment against women in the workplace, despite the real-life accounts of women who have experienced these situations.
  • Willett has consistently supported corporate interests at the expense of consumers and workers. In 2016, the Center for American Progress found that as a judge Willett ruled in favor of corporate interests more than 70 percent of the time.
  • Famous as a tweeter, Willett has openly disparaged the LGBT community. He responded to same-sex marriage by tweeting that he supported the “right to marry bacon” with a photo of sizzling bacon.

We believe that Don Willett is too reactionary and prejudiced to be a judge on a federal court determining the rights of workers, women, LGBT persons, and consumers. As a tweeter, he has shown a lack of judicial temperament with his incautious and insensitive tweets. We fear that as a judge he will roll back many of our hard-won rights in the last decades. We strongly oppose Willett’s nomination for a federal judgeship, and we ask Senator [name] to vote against him.

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