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We’re asking the Senator to vote against the nomination of Britt Grant for a lifetime judgeship on the federal appeals court (11th Circuit Court of Appeals, covering AL, GA, FL).

  • Britt Grant is 40 years old with only 11 years of courtroom experience. Twelve years is the minimum requirement for federal judges under American Bar Association (ABA) guidelines. Grant is unqualified to be a federal judge.

Last year Grant was appointed to the Georgia Supreme Court by the Governor of Georgia, with no previous experience as a judge whatsoever. She is now nominated to a federal appeals court that is only one step below the U.S. Supreme Court. We believe her fast rise has less to do with judicial talent and more to do with her extremely conservative outlook that Trump and the Republicans want on our courts.

As an attorney in the Georgia Attorney General’s Office, Grant

  • Consistently opposed a woman’s right to choose and sought to limit Roe v Wade
  • Opposed insurance coverage for contraceptives if the employer objected on religious grounds
  • Fought common sense gun safety, such as a city ordinance that prohibited possession of AR-15 style weapons or large-capacity magazines
  • Supported voter suppression acts, such as voter ID laws
  • Opposed same sex marriage and LGBT equality
  • Fought the Affordable Care Act and tried to end federal subsidies that help people pay for health care
  • Supported limits on the DACA program
  • Sought to weaken environmental protection laws, such as the Endangered Species Act

We believe this nominee is unqualified because she lacks the minimum courtroom experience for a federal judge under ABA guidelines. We’re also deeply concerned about her history of extremist positions. She has been an advocate for legal views to the far right of the mainstream and we’re worried she will be a biased judge. For these reasons we’re asking the Senator to vote against Britt Grant for this lifetime judgeship to the federal appeals court.

Possible response from Senator’s staff:
“It was only Grant’s job to oppose these things when she was a lawyer for Georgia’s Attorney General. It doesn’t mean she supported them or that she would do the same as a judge.”
A nominee’s record matters. It gives us an idea of how she would act as a judge. Britt Grant has the ability to choose from many different legal jobs. She chose this job, chose to do these things, and that matters.

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