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Thomas Farr has been nominated for a lifetime judgeship in federal district court in North Carolina. He has spent his decades-long career working to disenfranchise voters of color and to undermine workers’ rights in his state.

  • Farr represented the North Carolina legislature in its unconstitutional and illegal voter suppression efforts. He argued in favor of a voter ID law that was struck down by the federal appeals court. The appeals court said that the law “targeted African Americans with almost surgical precision.” He also argued in favor of North Carolina’s redistricting plan, which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to be unconstitutional as a racial gerrymander.
  • Farr has also made his career on limiting workers’ rights. He has supported closing off his state’s courts to workers who file lawsuits against employment discrimination based on race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability.
  • Given his record against the civil rights of African-Americans, it is most disturbing that Farr has been nominated to be a lifetime judge in a court district whose population is at least 25% African-American.

Farr’s long history of supporting voter suppression and limiting workers’ rights make him unqualified to serve as a federal judge.  We are asking Senator [name] to vote against Farr’s nomination for this lifetime federal judgeship.

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Updated: 5/25/18

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