Don Willett has been nominated by Trump to be a federal appeals judge for the Fifth Circuit. His record shows a very conservative and reactionary judge who, if he had his way, would take our laws back almost a hundred years to the era before FDR’s New Deal. Willett has supported a case that has been used to strike down minimum wage laws and other worker protections. He has dismissed the reality of “glass ceilings” and lack of pay equality for women, as well as concerns about sexual discrimination and harassment. When there’s a choice between supporting corporate interests or the consumer, Willett chooses corporate interests. He is scornful of LGBT rights. In response to same-sex marriage, he tweeted (yes, he’s a tweeter) that he supported the “right to marry bacon” with a photo of sizzling bacon. Pls call your Senators to vote No on Willett for this judgeship to the federal appeals court.

Please call your Senators and say:

My name is _____, I’m a constituent from [zip code]. Please vote against Don Willett for judge of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. I am worried about harm to our rights if he becomes a federal judge. Willett is against established worker rights and protections, and he dismisses accounts of sexual discrimination and harassment against women. He supports corporate interests over consumers. As a well-known tweeter, he has posted offensive tweets about the LGBT community. Someone as reactionary and prejudiced as Willett should have no place on our federal courts.

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