Gregory Katsas is Trump’s nominee for the DC Circuit Court, an important federal appeals court that decides many cases about federal agencies and regulations. Katsas is a White House counsel who helped Trump with his Muslim bans, cancellation of DACA, and Kobach’s controversial voting commission. He also assisted Trump in allowing religious organizations to endorse political candidates without jeopardizing their tax-exempt status, and in rolling back the mandate for free contraceptive coverage under Obamacare.

Katsas’ legal career shows he is willing to give great deference to the executive branch. This kind of person should not be on a federal appeals court, especially now when we need an independent judiciary to protect our rights from an encroaching, reactionary presidency.

Please call our senators and say:

My name is _____, I’m a constituent from [zip code]. Please vote no on Gregory Katsas for the DC Circuit Court. He has clearly demonstrated that he is a Trump loyalist and I am worried that he can’t objectively perform his duty as a judge and will show bias towards matters consistent with Trump’s agenda.

Additional background on Gregory Katsas’s troubling history can be found here.

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