Kyle Duncan has been nominated for a judgeship to the federal appeals court (Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals). Duncan has led a partisan, highly visible career as a warrior for the extreme right. He is on record

  • Against a woman’s right to choose
  • Against LGBT rights
  • Against voting rights by minorities
  • Against immigrants’ rights

Duncan has fought against reproductive rights for women, against civil rights for LGBT, and against protections for immigrants.  At the same time he has defended discriminatory voting laws against minorities. Duncan’s most famous case ended the mandate for employees’ contraceptive coverage under ObamaCare if this coverage offended the employer’s religious beliefs. It is highly likely that Duncan’s years of partisan fighting for these issues will affect his decisions as a judge.

Please call your senators and say:

My name is _____, I’m a constituent from [zip code]. Please vote against Kyle Duncan’s nomination as a judge for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Duncan has a very partisan record against women’s reproductive rights, LGBT rights, voting rights, and immigrants’ rights. I’m afraid that he cannot set aside his beliefs to be a fair and impartial judge. He is likely to be a biased judge. I fear he will try to roll back people’s rights.

Additional talking points for office visits here.

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