Our regular visits to the offices of our members of Congress are one of the main ways we advocate for our progressive values and resistance to the GOP/MAGA agenda. We are lucky because our representatives are eager to hear from us and make it clear that they value our input. A lot of what we do is strongly affirm the positions they are already taking against the GOP, but we also push them to take bolder action, and hold them accountable when we disagree with their votes. And these office visits are a great chance to pass along ideas for new legislation, oversight questions for administration officials, research that they might not be aware of, and personal stories of how federal policies affect you which they can use in rousing floor speeches.

Our largely cooperative relationships with these offices also allow us to ask questions about how things are going in DC and get advice about where to focus our energy and activism. Having our voices heard at these meetings, and seeing the results in our MoCs’ actions, is a very rewarding experience. If you’re on our mailing list, you’ll get email announcements of upcoming visits. Please sign up to join us.