Indivisible East Bay engages with five strongly Democratic members of Congress. Our relationships with their offices are mostly cooperative, but we don’t hesitate to give them a push or hold them accountable when needed.
For example:

  • We have pressured Senator Feinstein into holding her first ever town hall, making her directly answerable to constituents.
  • Our advocacy, and that of other groups, for the DREAMers, gave both our senators the courage to use some of the only leverage Congressional Democrats have—making a solution for DACA recipients a condition of keeping the government open—to push the immigration debate more in line with what most American people across the country want.
  • Our persuasion, and work building local support for impeachment hearings has allowed Rep. Lee to lead on this issue in the House, and we are pressuring Rep. Swalwell (who is on the Judiciary Committee which is responsible for beginning proceedings) to do the same.
  • We helped Reps. Lee and DeSaulnier organize Resistance Town Halls with a wide variety of speakers and local groups in attendance.
  • We contributed question ideas for Senator Feinstein’s oversight hearing with A.G. Sessions, encouraging her to focus on his Justice Department’s terrible record on civil and human rights.
  • We brought to Senator Harris’ attention the need to extend the deadline to apply for FEMA Aid in Puerto Rico due to power outages and other difficulties with access to the applications.

We feel lucky to be doing this advocacy work from a place of shared values with our representatives. When we make our asks, we draw on those values to make arguments that we know will be listened to, even if they aren’t always acted on. And we are excited to continue this work in 2019, 2021 and beyond, when we can use the constituent power and insider connections we have built to help set our country back on track.