Another important way we hold our members of Congress accountable is in the local Media. Our senators and representatives hate bad press, especially when they’re running for reelection. We write Op-Eds, letters to the editor and press releases when we feel that they are failing to represent us (or sometimes when they’ve done something we particularly approve of). We speak to the press at protests, rallies, town halls and other events about what we our members of Congress are doing right and wrong.

Can Dianne Feinstein be the responsive senator we need?
San Francisco Examiner
IEB co-wrote this Op-Ed holding Senator Feinstein accountable for breaking her promise to hold a town hall in the summer of 2017, and asking her to remedy that soon, especially now that she’s running for reelection

Democrats should oppose Trump’s military spending buildup
San Francisco Examiner
Op-Ed directed at Senators Harris and Feinstein written by IEB member Erica Etelson.

Dianne Feinstein Town Hall Shows Why She’s a Conservative by San Francisco Standards
Mother Jones
IEB members quoted asking Senator Feinstein to be more accessible to her constituents and more active in resistance to the Trump agenda.

The Lioness in Winter
Mother Jones
Profile of Senator Feinstein includes mention of IEB’s activism and a quote from a member calling on Feinstein to rethink her desire to find compromises with the GOP under Trump.

Coverage of Sen. Feinstein’s San Francisco Town Hall

Coverage of our Feinstein Empty Chair Town Hall