Deadlines: Varies; at least 12 months (October 2018)

Description: Current property taxes can be reduced for property damaged or destroyed from the date of the damage until it is rebuilt or repaired.

Eligibility: Owners of real property (e.g.  homes, business equipment, orchards, aircraft, boats, some mobile homes) with loss estimate of at least $10,000)

How to apply: Varies by county; you must contact your county assessor:

Forms: Butte (call), Lake, Napa (pdf), Mendocino, Sonoma (pdf), and Yuba

Phone: Butte: 530-538-7721—Lake: 707-263-2302—Napa: 707-253-4466,—Mendocino: 707-234-6800 —Sonoma: 707-565-1888—Yuba: 530-749-7820

Documents: No documents needed for initial application

Info: Address of damaged residence, description of damage, insurance info, current phone number, address to receive mail (links to ways to retrieve this info)

Notes: If the fire was part of a governor-proclaimed state of emergency, owners of damaged property also can apply to have their next property tax payment deferred without penalty or interest until the county assessor has reassessed the property and sent the owner a corrected bill. The next regularly scheduled due date is Dec. 10.

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