Contractors State License Board

CSLB provides guidance on verifying a contractor’s license, investigates complaints, and also provides information about hiring a licensed contractor.

Disaster Hotline: (800) 962-1125 –

Governor Brown issued an executive order to cut red tape and help streamline recovery efforts in communities impacted by wildfires:

CalRecycle is working with the Office of Emergency Services to coordinate with federal, state, and local agencies. Once safety assessments have been made, initial cleanup efforts will focus on removal of hazardous materials by designated agencies. This will allow for subsequent removal of remaining debris and ash. They recommend you contact your local city/county officials for guidance about entering your property and get the latest local updates.

More info: and this helpful guide on debris removal.


Watershed Assistance

USDA assists communities with rebuilding efforts following imminent hazards to life and property caused by natural disasters. Through the Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) Program, NRCS works with local government entities and Tribes in impacted counties to remove debris, stabilize streambanks, fix water control structures, among other practices.




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