Voter Information

The following sites provide information about how to vote in all 50 states and Washington, DC. They will generally ask you for some personal information and direct you the state websites that can provide the information you need. They also can provide people with answers to most questions about how voting by mail / absentee ballot, voting in person, and voting deadlines, again for all states and as much as possible all counties.

I Will Vote

The Democratic National Committee’s voting resources.

  • Check registration
  • Register to vote
  • Learn about vote by mail
  • Learn how to vote in person

Vote Save America

  • Find out all election deadlines by state
  • Registration
    • Check registration
    • Register to vote
    • Learn registration rules
  • Voting by mail / Voting absentee
    • Request a ballot
    • Learn vote by mail rules
    • Learn vote by mail deadlines
  • Election reminders
  • Find polling places
  • Become a poll worker
  • Fill out the census

U. S. Vote Foundation

State by state voting information

  • Find all county election offices
  • Election Deadlines
  • Requirements to be able to vote

Poll Workers

Sign up to be a poll worker

Poll Hero

  • Sign up to be a poll worker
  • Help people sign up to be poll workers in other states
  • Encourage younger people to be poll workers