In addition to reaching out to our Members of Congress at the Federal level, it’s important to engage with our state and local authorities. This page provides regularly-updated scripts to call or email state senators and assembly-members, your mayor or city council-members, and other officials for whom there’s a relevant call to action.

Last updated 01/25/2018

Fight for Choice. This is Not a Drill.

No sooner have we put away our pussyhats than the next blow is poised: Senator McConnell, always ready to take away women’s rights, is preparing to bring a voteon a 20-week abortion ban as soon as this coming Monday, January 29. Senator Lindsay Graham’s bill would criminalize performing or attempting to perform abortions after that time. There are exceptions for rape or incest against a minor – if it’s promptly reported. The House has already passed a version of this bill, and now it’s up to the Senate to say NO. Trump, of course, told the March for Life he supports the legislation. Please contact our Senators and tell them: We are counting on you to do everything in your power to stop S.2311 and all bills restricting a woman’s right to choose. Please vote NO and use all your influence to get your colleagues to vote NO.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein (email)
(415) 393-0707 • DC: (202) 224-3841
Sen. Kamala Harris (email)
(415) 355-9041 • DC: (202) 224-3553

Action #2: Don’t Let the CPUC Freeze Community Choice Energy Progams

The California Public Utilities Commission is trying to place a two-year freeze on new Community Choice energy programs, which would halt emerging Community Choice agencies (CCAs) – public, not-for-profit agencies that provide cleaner, cheaper electricity to residents. The CCAs have been very successful, despite opposition by the CPUC, PG&E, and other public utility companies. Some East Bay cities have them, and Alameda County’s will be available this year. However, if the CPUC’s resolution passes at its February 8 meeting a dozen programs in the pipeline will be nixed and years of work by clean energy advocates will be reversed, sticking us with our monopoly utilities forever. Please send a letter to the CPUC telling them that the resolution is an unlawful abuse and overreach of CPUC authority and should be withdrawn. Read more here, see Clean Power Exchange’s update here.

End the Tampon Tax

We’ve said it before in this newsletter and we’ll say it again: tampons are necessities – not luxury items – and shouldn’t be taxed as such. We have one last chance to advance a bill in the state assembly this session to end the tampon tax, and we need you to reach out to the “Fab Four”: Assembly Appropriations Committee Chair Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher, Senator Toni Atkins, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, and Governor Jerry Brown. See more info here, including how to contact them.
What to say:

Taxing menstrual products is unjust and a further burden on those living in deep poverty. We’re asking you to work to create a solution that advances gender equity. We can’t wait another year for equality and we’re convinced the resources can be found to make up for the lost tax revenue. Where there’s a will for justice, there’s a way. Be a leader and a role model for equality and get this done! Thank you.

Every Vote Must Be Counted

Call or email Governor Jerry Brown to urge him to veto AB 840, which was intended to ensure a thorough vote audit but was gutted by last-minute amendments exempting millions of ballots from a manual tally.

Governor Jerry Brown: 

“Governor Brown, my name is ___, my zip code is ___, and I’m with Indivisible East Bay. I don’t need a response. Please veto AB 840. It was radically amended on August 24, months after it left the Assembly and Senate Election Committees. Please protect our election audits, millions of vote by mail ballots must remain part of the 1% audit.”

More info at our website and this article.

Tell CalPERS to Divest from TrumpSoho

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System, CalPERS, is a government agency that manages retirement benefits for over a million and a half state employees, retirees, and their families. That management includes investment in a real estate fund that transfers millions of dollars to the Trump Organization to manage the TrumpSoHo in NYC. Too few Californians are complaining that a state agency is funding the current occupant of the White House (and probably violating the Consitution), so CalPERS is continuing to line 45’s pockets. Let’s change that! Visit to sign the petition and prepare a letter to the editor.