State Legislature Vote-a-rama

Indivisible East Bay supported several California Assembly and Senate bills pending in the June 2018 session. The legislature has voted, and here are the results: Law Enforcement: AB 3131 Law enforcement agencies, military equipment, funding, acquisition, and use: passed Assembly. See our articles here and here for more info SB 1421 Peace officers, release of records: passed Senate. See … Continue reading State Legislature Vote-a-rama

IEB Meets With State Asm. Thurmond’s Staff

On May 29, Indivisible East Bay members Nick, Amelia, Ted, Melanie, and Mark met with Molly Curley O’Brien from State Assemblymember Tony Thurmond’s (AD15) office in downtown Oakland. IEB's first-ever meeting with Thurmond’s staff was a positive experience. We had sent Molly a memo beforehand listing the topics and state bills we wanted to talk … Continue reading IEB Meets With State Asm. Thurmond’s Staff