Help ensure we’re all counted

The 2020 Census is coming! A complete count of "all persons" living in the United States during the upcoming census is important to us all; the results determine how many Congressional seats each state gets and the amount of federal funding that states, counties and communities receive. With the White House's outrageous attempts to add … Continue reading Help ensure we’re all counted

IEB Meets with Senator Harris’ Staff, January 2019

By Leslie A. Burton On January 15, 2019, Indivisible East Bay met with Senator Kamala Harris’ State Director, Julie Rodriguez, and other office staff at the Senator’s downtown San Francisco office.   Shutdown. We opened with the government shutdown, at that point on its 24th day - the longest in U.S. history (and still ongoing as … Continue reading IEB Meets with Senator Harris’ Staff, January 2019

Speak Out Against the Census Immigration Question

Deadline: August 6, 2018 - Attacking immigrants by bureaucracy: the 2020 Census will include a new question on citizenship. Why? The Constitution requires that the Census count "all persons" - NOT all citizens. Members of Congress, whose districts are determined by the Census counts, represent all people, NOT just citizens. The Commerce Department, however, bizarrely claims citizenship data … Continue reading Speak Out Against the Census Immigration Question

Count Every Person

Call us nerdy, but we've been worried for some time about the impact of the administration's apparent plan to under-fund the 2020 United States Census, since that count will be critical in drawing political districts, allotting congressional representatives, and distributing billions in federal funds. Turns out our concerns were justified, and then some. The Department of … Continue reading Count Every Person