Keep the Pressure on for a Green New Deal

As Democrats are considering incorporating the Green New Deal (GND) into 2019's congressional agenda (see our previous blog post for more on this proposal), a new poll shows strong bipartisan support for the idea of transforming the economy through fighting climate change. Despite the Green New Deal's popularity, however, the House of Representative's plan for … Continue reading Keep the Pressure on for a Green New Deal

Help Mike Espy win 11/27 special election

Deadline: today and through November 27 - Surprise! Election season 2018 isn't over! On November 27, 2018, Democrats have a chance to win a special election for the US Senate seat vacated by Thad Cochran in Mississippi. Representative Mike Espy, former Agriculture Secretary under Bill Clinton, is running against Trump-endorsed Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith, who replaced Cochran on an interim … Continue reading Help Mike Espy win 11/27 special election

Scary times at IEB’s October All Members Meeting

Halloween arrived early at the Indivisible East Bay All Members Meeting on October 28, with many of us showing up in costume. Even the infamous Trump Chicken joined the festivities. Unfortunately, the real scares are coming from recent news. From the deadly violence at the Synagogue in Pittsburgh to Trump’s avalanche of incendiary rhetoric — … Continue reading Scary times at IEB’s October All Members Meeting

Archived Calls & Emails for the Week

See our current Calls to Action to get involved! This page archives all posted actions. Week of August 11th, 2022 Action: Canvass for CA-22, help hold the House Deadline: Sign up NOW - Not all elections where choice is on the line are far away — in the Central Valley's CA-22, we're fighting to replace incumbent GOP Rep. David Valadao with … Continue reading Archived Calls & Emails for the Week

Kicking off August ’18 with local political events

With midterm election day barreling toward us, local political groups (including Indivisible East Bay, of course) and elected officials are stepping up their efforts to make sure we cross the November 6 finish line as victors. The first weekend in August - we've hit the less-than 100 days out, folks - saw many IEBers participating … Continue reading Kicking off August ’18 with local political events

IEB goes to Washington

Indivisible East Bay usually meets with our Washington representatives when they visit the Bay Area. But from June 4-6, 2018, IEB members traveled to Washington, D.C. for a succession of get-togethers with California's Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris as well as several of their key staffers. It was an opportunity for face-to-face interactions at … Continue reading IEB goes to Washington

Coverage of Our Work

Another important way we hold our members of Congress accountable is in the local Media. Our senators and representatives hate bad press, especially when they’re running for reelection. We write Op-Eds, letters to the editor and press releases when we feel that they are failing to represent us (or sometimes when they’ve done something we … Continue reading Coverage of Our Work

Office Visits

Our regular visits to the offices of our members of Congress are one of the main ways we advocate for our progressive values and resistance to the Trump agenda. We are lucky because our representatives are eager to hear from us and make it clear that they value our input. A lot of what we … Continue reading Office Visits