Meeting with Sen. Harris staff Nov. 2019

By IEB member Phil A delegation from Indivisible East Bay met with Senator Kamala Harris’s staff on November 8, 2019, at her offices at 333 Bush St., San Francisco. Harris Staff Attending: Dino Chen, Deputy State Director; Adam Mehs, District Director; Intern TOPICS DISCUSSED: Homeland Security Spending Bill IEB: We were disappointed that the September Continuing … Continue reading Meeting with Sen. Harris staff Nov. 2019

Election Security IS National Security

Deadline: today and ongoing - If there’s one thing former Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been unequivocal about, it’s foreign interference in our elections - the subject of the entire first part of the Special Counsel’s Report, and a theme Mueller emphasized repeatedly in his May 27 statement.  The Report lists many forms of election interference, but … Continue reading Election Security IS National Security

Charade of a Parade

By Marcello Lanfranchi Are you outraged that Trump’s ludicrous military parade is moving forward? If not, you’re either not paying attention, or you’re the type of person who thinks international diplomacy is best waged 280 characters at a time AND OCCASIONALLY YELLING AT FOREIGN HEADS OF STATE IN ALL CAPS. In case you’ve been living under … Continue reading Charade of a Parade