Tuesday Afternoon Massacre

By Heidi Rand and Ann G. Daniels Deadline: NOW - Here we thought that with primary season starting, the Impeached-in-Chief would be too busy hate-tweeting about his Democratic opponents to engage in blatant corruption, but whaddya know!  February 10: Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors recommended a sentence of 7 to 9 years for Trump’s longtime … Continue reading Tuesday Afternoon Massacre

Fight forced DNA collection

By Heidi Rand; Ann G. Daniels contributed to this article Deadline: Submit your comment by November 12, 2019 - The Trump Department of (In)justice has unveiled yet another plan that targets the vulnerable immigrant community: this time, a rule to require the Department of Homeland Security to forcibly take DNA from immigrants in detention centers. … Continue reading Fight forced DNA collection

Save our healthcare, save our lives

Deadline: Do it now! - Our healthcare is under attack by the GOP, again -- or to be accurate -- STILL! In December 2018, the trial court in Texas v. US, a lawsuit brought in February 2018 by several states' conservative Attorneys General, ruled that the entire Affordable Care Act is invalid. That's bad, but it's … Continue reading Save our healthcare, save our lives