Tell advertisers: Drop Tucker Carlson

By Ann Daniels and Heidi Rand

Tucker Carlson opens his mouth, and filth pours out. Jokes about 13-year-olds being molested and violence against women who “act up.” Names and insults for women we won’t reprint, apologetics for forced underage marriage and raping prostitutes. And he throws a little racism in too … not to mention sounding like the world’s creepiest daddy next to Creepy-Daddy-in-Chief. It’s all there. But you know what else talks? Money. Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox has advertisers, and some of the leading ones are already trying to put space between themselves and him. Let’s work together to get more of them not just to speak up, but to put their $$ where their mouths are – or, rather, to take their money AWAY by refusing to sponsor Tucker Carlson any further.

What you can do:

#Drop Tucker graphic © Women’s March