If you’re angry and you know it, do these things

By Ann G. Daniels and Heidi Rand Deadline: NOW - Let's start with the fact that we knew the GOP Senate was, on the whole, a bunch of lily-livered cowards. We're still entitled to be disappointed in/furious at our government. But even if you went into temporary hiding from the news, it's only gonna get … Continue reading If you’re angry and you know it, do these things

Support immigrants’ path to permanent residency

By Heidi Rand Deadline: Act NOW & join Nov. 19 rally -  Join immigrants and their allies in fighting for a pathway to permanent residency for over a million longtime U.S. residents who are at risk of losing their legal status under the Trump administration's attacks on programs such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Temporary Protected … Continue reading Support immigrants’ path to permanent residency

IEB resists at worldONE Festival

Janis Hashe contributed to this article (Mis)fortune cookies! Selfie-ready resistance picture frames! A DIY "Impeachment Tree”! Henry the Indivisi-bulldog! Indivisible East Bay’s booth at the July 4th El Cerrito/worldONE Fair had it all, and more! Check out this slideshow with great photos by Mary Martin DeShaw, a volunteer photographer with Pro Bono Photography. A constant stream … Continue reading IEB resists at worldONE Festival

IEB needs YOU to volunteer!

Updated June 20 Everything got you down? Join the club. No, literally - join us! Come on out and spend some quality time with your fellow ticked-off resisters. We are terrific company, and together we make a difference! Here are a couple of FUN opportunities in early summer 2019: Pride! This is the real thing, … Continue reading IEB needs YOU to volunteer!

Hugs, not tear gas!

Outraged by the administration’s inhumane and illegal treatment of refugees seeking asylum at our southern border, the East Bay turned out in force on Saturday, December 1, 2018 at several hastily-planned protests called by the national group Families Belong Together.   Governance Committee member and CA-11 team lead Ted Lam reports on the noon rally in El … Continue reading Hugs, not tear gas!