Tell local officials: say NO to federal troops

By Larry Baskett Deadline: ASAP, since they’re threatening to send stormtroopers to Oakland — You’ve no doubt seen that the Repressor-in-Chief and his henchmen, under disturbing and outrageous excuses like guarding Confederate statues, are deploying unmarked agents to tear-gas and abduct Black Lives Matter protesters. No exaggeration, these are actual secret police flouting much of … Continue reading Tell local officials: say NO to federal troops

Every step the police take, we’ll be watching

Deadline: ASAP - On June 7, 2020 a veto-proof majority of the Minneapolis City Council pledged to disband the police department that the officers who murdered George Floyd belonged to. We’re many miles away, but perhaps you, like us, are looking for ways to force change on police departments and police unions that have been … Continue reading Every step the police take, we’ll be watching

Call like your right to vote depends on it

By Ion Y. Deadline: Now - The problem: The 2020 elections are now six months away. Dr. Anthony Fauci says it's "in the realm of possibility" for us to have a vaccine by January - cross your fingers, we'll have a new president then! - but nobody you can trust says we'll have one by Election Day. … Continue reading Call like your right to vote depends on it

Bailout for the People

By Ann G. Daniels Deadline: NOW - Day Eleventy-nine, bailout double overtime, and Congress still hasn't gotten it right. (Yes, we blame Shake Shack & Ruth's Chris getting small biz $$ on Congress - ever hear of oversight?) Indivisible National's website has a "People's Bailout for Coronavirus" campaign with lots of info and simple ways to … Continue reading Bailout for the People

Rallies, Rocking & Rainbows!

Yes, we put the East Bay into Indivisible East Bay this past weekend, with events in Hayward, Berkeley and Oakland all in one 48 hour period! First up, on September 6, Cal State East Bay students and faculty rallied in downtown Hayward to #SaveIsabel. Dozens of students marched from the Hayward campus through the streets … Continue reading Rallies, Rocking & Rainbows!

The administration is causing the border crisis

This article was edited on July 17 to reflect updates since its original publication. The administration is right about there being an immigration crisis, but it isn’t for the reasons they’re telling us: It’s because THEY created it. And they’re making it worse by quietly instituting new administrative policies that will make conditions worse for … Continue reading The administration is causing the border crisis

Election Security IS National Security

Deadline: today and ongoing - If there’s one thing former Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been unequivocal about, it’s foreign interference in our elections - the subject of the entire first part of the Special Counsel’s Report, and a theme Mueller emphasized repeatedly in his May 27 statement.  The Report lists many forms of election interference, but … Continue reading Election Security IS National Security

Extinction Emergency

Deadline: right now, it'll soon be too late - Worldwide, a million plant and animal species are on the brink of extinction, and the Endangered Species Act (ESA) does NOT go far enough to protect many of those species in this country. On International Biodiversity Day (May 22, 2019) Representative Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.), chair of the House Natural … Continue reading Extinction Emergency

Tell our MoCs: support Medicare Negotiation legislation

Deadline: NOW! - Unless you're a magical unicorn who never gets sick, and you've never seen any drug ads, you know: Prescription drug prices are crazy high in the United States. It isn't just anecdotal opinion: they really are much higher in the U.S. than in other high-income countries, and Americans spend more on prescription drugs than … Continue reading Tell our MoCs: support Medicare Negotiation legislation

Next Stop Hunger Games?

Deadline: yes, right now - How many things are wrong with this picture? The administration continues to detain migrants and refuse to let them apply for asylum; takes children away from their parents and leaves them in vans in a Texas parking lot for nearly two days; allows the border patrol to confiscate migrant kids’ … Continue reading Next Stop Hunger Games?