Count Every Person

Call us nerdy, but we've been worried for some time about the impact of the administration's apparent plan to under-fund the 2020 United States Census, since that count will be critical in drawing political districts, allotting congressional representatives, and distributing billions in federal funds. Turns out our concerns were justified, and then some. The Department of … Continue reading Count Every Person

Cupcakes and Concerns: IEB visits Senator Feinstein’s office

By Catya de Neergaard Thirteen members of Indivisible East Bay joined Senator Feinstein's State Director, Sean Elsbernd, on January 11 for a visit complete with IEB birthday cupcakes and and a list of concerns. Unlike recent previous visits where we went over a long list of issues, the focus was to delve deeper into some … Continue reading Cupcakes and Concerns: IEB visits Senator Feinstein’s office

Trump’s Dangerous Census Pick

By Rob Schoenbeck Not content with GOP efforts to suppress the votes of low-income Americans and people of color at the state level, the Trump Administration has been trying to position the 2020 US Census as yet another arena where Republicans can make some Americans count and others not -- this time literally. The administration … Continue reading Trump’s Dangerous Census Pick

Coverage of Our Work

Another important way we hold our members of Congress accountable is in the local Media. Our senators and representatives hate bad press, especially when they’re running for reelection. We write Op-Eds, letters to the editor and press releases when we feel that they are failing to represent us (or sometimes when they’ve done something we … Continue reading Coverage of Our Work

Office Visits

Our regular visits to the offices of our members of Congress are one of the main ways we advocate for our progressive values and resistance to the Trump agenda. We are lucky because our representatives are eager to hear from us and make it clear that they value our input. A lot of what we … Continue reading Office Visits

Rep Mark DeSaulnier Town Hall, October 2017

Representative Mark DeSaulnier held his 50th Town Hall on October 16, 2017. The meeting, held in Walnut Creek before a standing room-only crowd, was also live-streamed on DeSaulnier's Facebook page. California's District 11 representative was his typical self: a policy wonk, solid on his facts and figures, willing to work with the audience without backing away … Continue reading Rep Mark DeSaulnier Town Hall, October 2017