Live Long, Prosper, and THRIVE

By Ann G. Daniels and Heidi Rand Deadline: NOW - Last fall, Representative Barbara Lee (CA-13) cosponsored the Transform, Heal, and Renew by Investing in a Vibrant Economy (THRIVE) Agenda, a framework for economic renewal that addresses America's public health disaster, racial injustice, the climate crisis, and economic inequity. In the new Administration, Senator Edward … Continue reading Live Long, Prosper, and THRIVE

IEB’s January 2020 visit to DC

On our January 2020 trip to DC, Indivisible East Bay met with Representative Barbara Lee (CA-13), Senator Dianne Feinstein’s chief of staff and legislative director, Senator Kamala Harris’ legislative director, and immigration and foreign policy specialists from various offices. We also had several more informal chats ranging from breakfast with a former staffer for Senator … Continue reading IEB’s January 2020 visit to DC

Tell our Members of Congress: No war with Iran!

By Ann G. Daniels Deadline - ASAP to keep us out of war: The New Year’s fireworks had barely stopped when the Aggressor-in-Chief sent firepower to Iran, ordering the assassination of Major General Qassim Suleimani, that nation’s second-most powerful person. He did this without either Congressional authorization or evidence for the claim of imminent threat, … Continue reading Tell our Members of Congress: No war with Iran!

Stephen Miller must go!

By Heidi Rand Deadline: Right away, stop the hate - Thanks to the Southern Poverty Law Center's November 12, 2019 Hatewatch report revealing over 900 emails from White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller to Breitbart editors in 2015 and 2016, we've gained valuable if horrifying insight into Miller's hate-filled mind. Miller is the architect behind the administration's … Continue reading Stephen Miller must go!

The other impeachment – Brett Kavanaugh

By Ann G. Daniels Deadline: Now, the Supreme Court’s already in session - While we’re talking impeachment … which we do, a lot … did you know that although a US President hasn’t YET been removed from office after being impeached, federal judges have been? That’s right, we can impeach a federal judge, and it’s … Continue reading The other impeachment – Brett Kavanaugh

Dis-Barred: Barr should be impeached

By Heidi Rand Deadline: Start now and keep going - We didn't have to call the Psychic Hotline to know that Bill Barr would be the Disaster-in-Chief's Roy Cohn. As patriotic whistleblowers and intrepid journalists shine light on the Current (not for long we hope) Occupant's abuses of power, also illuminated are his colluding toadies' high … Continue reading Dis-Barred: Barr should be impeached

A Republic. If you can keep it.

Deadline: Save it or lose it - Over the past year or more many of you have marched, made calls, read the Mueller Report, and in other ways stepped up to educate friends and Members of Congress about the urgent need to impeach the Criminal-in-Chief. At long last, the dam broke on Tuesday, September 24; … Continue reading A Republic. If you can keep it.

Impeachment’s getting real

Deadline: Right now - Congress is back in DC post-recess, and we hope their ears are ringing from hearing loud and clear from you and many others who want them to push hard for impeachment! House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler has announced an imminent vote on the procedures for the committee’s inquiry, so it’s a … Continue reading Impeachment’s getting real

Time is ripe for impeachment

Deadline: ASAP - By Larry Baskett During the impeachment update at August's Indivisible East Bay All Members Meeting, we looked back at some Bay Area actions from the past few months. Most recently, you may have heard about an August 21 demonstration in San Francisco organized by CREDO Action and By the People that the … Continue reading Time is ripe for impeachment

Impeachment takes flight

Deadline: Now, while the iron is hot - After running calls to action and articles for months asking you to urge our Representatives to open an impeachment inquiry (see the list at the end of this article), we're happy to report, in Professor Laurence Tribe's expert words, that the eagle has taken flight! The House Judiciary Committee's … Continue reading Impeachment takes flight