IEB In Place Photo Project Needs You!

It's the perfect time to collect images of your hard work resisting and saving democracy from home, so we're introducing our new creative project, “IEB In Place.” We'd love to showcase YOU while making calls, texting, writing/decorating postcards, or other indivisible-related activities. To participate, send in a photo of you in action (include any Indivisible … Continue reading IEB In Place Photo Project Needs You!

Help IEB #resist on social media

Deadline: you guessed it, right NOW - The Mueller Report contains the most in-depth summary the U.S. government has produced about how the Russians used social media to interfere in our 2016 election on behalf of Unindicted Co-conspirator Individual-1. While legislators futz around with how to rein in the fearsome power of Facebook, Twitter, and other … Continue reading Help IEB #resist on social media

No More Likability BS

Oh, those women politicians. So smart. So accomplished. Why can't they just be more ... likable? We're calling BS. In fact, we're calling it #LikabilityBS. And if you're already as tired as we are of this everything-old-is-new-again campaign, we invite you to join us in calling out the media when we see them trivializing women elected … Continue reading No More Likability BS