Reclaiming our time: model impeachment hearing

By Ann G. Daniels and Larry Baskett Deadline: Save it or lose it - UPDATED: the October 13 event we refer to in this article is over, but you can see Larry's  impeachment presentation at this pdf. It is, alas, not explicitly stated in the Constitution that you can remove the President for losing every … Continue reading Reclaiming our time: model impeachment hearing

It’s impeachment inquiry time

Katie Cameron and Nancy Latham contributed to this article Deadline - ASAP until the House Judiciary Committee launches an impeachment inquiry. ​​With ​Game of ​Thrones ​over, we​'re hoping to watch the final episodes of the (not)Game of (de)Throning the Criminal-in-Chief who Thinks-He's-King, but is not! We, along with some Democratic House leaders, a majority of the Democrats … Continue reading It’s impeachment inquiry time