Do you know how to vote? Well, do ya?

By Heidi Rand and Ann Daniels Deadline: NOW & until November 3 - Are you ready for a new President? We said: ARE YOU READY FOR A NEW PRESIDENT? The General Election - also known as the Presidential Election, although there’s lots more on the ballot - is Tuesday, November 3, 2020. That's the last … Continue reading Do you know how to vote? Well, do ya?

California Presidential Primary 101

By Heidi Rand Deadline: Now and ongoing - 2020's here at last, and our clear vision is to sweep out the corrupt, lawless GOP with a Blue Tsunami! The Presidential Election is Tuesday, November 3, 2020 - getcher countdown clock here. But this is no spectator sport, fellow politics fans. When's the last time you checked … Continue reading California Presidential Primary 101

Voter registration 101

Deadline: Now and ongoing - If you thought September 24th's National Voter Registration Day didn't apply to you, think again! When's the last time you checked your voter registration? And are you certain all of your eligible family and friends are registered? Now is the time to make sure!  California election dates you need to … Continue reading Voter registration 101