The current bylaws (PDF), version 2.0, ratified on April 10, 2021.

The original bylaws (PDF), version 1.0, ratified on August 24, 2017.


Current Bylaws – 2021/04/10

Over the spring of 2021 the Indivisible East Bay Governance Committee made significant revisions to the bylaws in order to take into account our current organization and best practice as it has involved since our inception. The new bylaws were ratified on 4/10/2021 and approved by the Governance Committee.

Original Bylaws – 2017/08/24

This summer, the Indivisible East Bay Steering Committee has been hard at work, drafting a set of bylaws to streamline the organization’s structure and procedures. The plan was to create a governance structure that would supersede the ad hoc Steering Committee that was originally formed. This proposition was approved, and on 8/17/2017 the bylaws were completed and approved by officers of the newly named “Governance Committee.”

Central to this work is a desire to follow the inspiration for our group, the Indivisible Guide, and the Mission, Goals, and Code of Conduct previously adopted by Indivisible East Bay. Equally important is an  understanding that this is a totally volunteer-run organization. Qualifications to participate as a voting member, or  “officer,” were created while being mindful of the fact that everyone involved does so out of a desire to work for the benefit of others and that their time to do such work is dependent on regular availability. With these established guidelines and understandings, the bylaws call for as flat of an organizational structure as possible (with few or no levels of middle management between general members and leadership), to limit unnecessary bureaucracy and allow for new roles and teams to take form.

The newly-formed Governance Committee submits to the members of Indivisible Easy Bay this text for their consideration. We ask that any members who believe that they meet the qualifications to be a voting officer and wish to participate in the governance of Indivisible East Bay, contact us directly to discuss.


In Solidarity,

The Governance Committee of Indivisible East Bay