Do you enjoy writing carefully crafted arguments, backed up by evidence and published reports?  

Do you want to find another avenue to oppose the Administration and its GOP enablers? From your computer? Without having to talk to another human?

Did you know during a defined period when a new regulation is issued (or when there are proposed changes to existing regulation), the public is invited to provide input, and agencies must read and take into consideration every comment?

IEB is starting a new campaign to actively resist the Administration’s plans to roll back vital protections, such as environmental regulations, worker health and safety protections, Wall Street regulations, and others. Our volunteer research team will be putting together guides/explainers on how you as a citizen can contribute to the rulemaking process by providing public comments proposed changes. General guidelines for effective commenting can be found here.  

A few years back when rulemaking invited public comments on net neutrality, 3.7 million citizens made their voices heard.  The power of citizen outrage was able to overpower $100 million in paid lobbying.  We can do it again! We can do for many other things besides the Internet!

What you can do:

  1. Volunteer to join the research team to learn more about the impact of the proposed changes.
  2. Submit public comments. It’s your right as a resident of the United States.
  3. Spread the word, especially on social media.  More is better!

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