At the end of April some IEB steering committee members joined with about 40 Northern California Indivisible groups for an inspiring meeting with Indivisible Guide authors Ezra Levin and Leah Greenberg.  Highlights:

  • Kudos for our success getting Sen Feinstein to hold a town hall!
  • Ezra sez: “Your members of Congress’s speeches don’t carry much weight. Votes matter. Votes. Matter.” Best opportunity to influence our MoCs is in relation to an imminent vote, and make the ask concrete.
  • Look for the local talent/expertise in your chapters (that means YOU). And we need to support one another to build stamina!
  • Best plan of action on our goals for diversity and inclusivity: listen and support existing organizations. Check out the Immigrant Ally Toolkit, published for May Day events.
  • On collaboration: Indivisible chapters and other allied groups are all in this together. There’s no time for turf wars.
  • Finally, whip this bit of trivia out to impress at parties: Leah came up with the name Indivisible, which she got from the Pledge of Allegiance. She wanted the name to be rooted in American history, to take the moral high ground, and to emphasize that every progressive issue is connected.

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