By Ted Lam

On February 19, sixteen Indivisible East Bay CA-11 team members and friends watched the ninth Democratic debate prior to the team meeting. Everyone agreed the debate was lively and provided relevant information for our own March 3 primary decision making. 

CA-11 Debate watch and meeting, by Ted Lam

Toward the end of the debate, attendees who supported Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Warren explained why they favored their candidate and then answered questions from fellow members. Although some confessed they anticipated an awkward discussion, we held an open and honest discussion without any negativity. 

CA-11 member Carl also shared his experience canvassing and registering new Democratic voters in Arizona for over four days with Field Team 6. His firsthand account about the progress in AZ made us cautiously optimistic for November. Several IEB members went in January and February and IEB partners are planning more trips. There will be regular trips to AZ each month until November–check our weekly newsletter and our events calendar for updates. 

Carl earned his “wings” for his efforts to help astronaut and retired USN aviator Captain Mark Kelly take the US Senate seat for AZ and flip AZ blue!

CA-11 team meeting

In other election news, we also discussed Contra Costa County Measure R which sets aside funds to renovate old schools in West County. Several CA-11 members took home “Yes on Measure R” yard signs. Richmond High School students made a heartfelt video on why Measure R is important to them. 

Contact Ted or Kristen, CA-11 team co-leads, at if you want to know more about our work or join us at our monthly meetings in El Cerrito.

Ted Lam is retired from the USCG and currently works as a civil engineer. Ted is a member of the Indivisible East Bay Governance Committee and is co-lead of the Indivisible CA-11 team.

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