By Trudy Obi

Virginia’s 2023 state legislative elections are super important! Here’s a brief primer on why:

Virginia is the final state in the South without a GOP abortion ban. Governor Youngkin has presidential ambitions, and he has expressed interest in enacting an abortion ban in VA to shore up his conservative bona fides. The only thing stopping him in this past legislative session was the blue wall of the VA Senate, where Democrats have a slim 22-18 majority. We need to protect the Senate majority and flip the house (currently GOP 50-46) to protect access to reproductive care in VA.

The primaries are unusually important this year for getting reproductive justice champions into the general. Virginia had a very odd redistricting plan that did not include incumbent protection, so there are a lot of incumbent-on-incumbent races that will be decided in the primary. Given the stakes for reproductive access, the grassroots group National Women’s Political Caucus Virginia Chapter (NWPC) has endorsed several women candidates who they believe will be champions for access to reproductive care. See their slate and find out how to get involved here! The NWPC-VA is headed up by Andrea Miller of the Center for Common Ground.

More reasons to get involved in this year’s primary:

  • Primary turnout in VA has historically not been strong – but with the recent introduction of a 45-day early voting period, we have a chance to change this and start building early voting muscle memory in our voters. 
  • VA is running on new maps this year, so folks may not know who their candidates are. Good to introduce them early on!
  • There are fewer Republican primaries this year, and GOP leaders are urging Republicans to vote in Democratic primaries.

Voter Contact opportunities with NWPC-VA

Phone banks

Wednesdays 3-5pm and Saturdays 10-noon now through June 17

Sign up here!


Sign up here or here

Phone banks with Sister District

Democratic candidates who have no primary opponent are already gearing up for the general. Sister District is supporting 4 of these candidates with phone banks.

Sister District South Bay

Saturdays 1-3pm now through November 4

Sign up here

 Sister District Peninsula

Saturdays 11am-1pm from July 1 through November 4

Sign up here

Sister District National

Mondays or Fridays 8-10am, Tuesdays 10-noon, and Thursdays 1-3pm now through Nov 7

Sign up here

Additional Resources

Blue Virginia – liberal commentary on VA politics.

Virginia Grassroots Coalition – has information on competitive primaries and general races.

VPAP – nonprofit news source on VA politics.

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