At the February 18th Town Hall meeting with Rep. Barbara Lee (D-13), she answered many questions that were written by IndivisibleEB. Rep. Lee responded to our questions about defending the ACA, preventing Democrats from compromising on fighting its repeal, saving nutritional standards for school lunches, working toward single payer health insurance, preventing the National Guard from becoming a deportation force, and what it would take for her to support impeachment.

Why were our concerns so clear? Because we made it easy for attendees to ask the questions we cared about. CA-13 organizer Ben met with members the night before to craft questions for the event. The next day he arrived an hour before the event to pass out 50 copies of the question sheets to IndivisibleEB members and other enthusiastic attendees.

By the time the doors opened and event staff distributed question cards, enthusiastic attendees were ready to fill out their cards with pre-written, compelling questions. An estimated 1,000 people attended the Town Hall meeting. Our voice came through loud and clear thanks to our well-prepared question-scribbling members and allies.

Working together makes a difference. Don’t believe it? Just go watch the tape!

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