Congressional Republicans are about to force a vote on killing the ACA, without giving Members of Congress or the press time to read the latest repeal-and-replace bill.

Join us this Tuesday, May 2nd, and help phone and text bank into districts led by Republican congresspeople. We’ll be asking registered Democratic constituents to pressure their MoCs to vote against cuts to the ACA.

Phone banking event
Tuesday, May 2nd, 4pm-8pm
Lifelong Medical Center (administrative office conference room)
2344 6th Street (corner of Channing Way)
Berkeley, CA

Please RSVP to if you plan to attend.

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The ACA is under attack again. Word from Congressional insiders is that the House will vote on gutting the ACA as early as Wednesday May 3rd after invoking a House of Representatives rules change on Monday known as “martial law” which allows them to vote on bills without giving time for anyone to read them, including Congress or the press. If the bill passes the House, the Senate vote could be as soon as the next day.

Barbara Lee is trying to save the ACA. Her campaign staff are asking for our members to take emergency action to help keep Republican legislators from gutting it. Time is limited, and we must mobilize quickly.

In the Bay Area, our local resistance groups have been assigned three Republican representatives in California, we’ll be recruiting people to phone and text bank into those congressional districts asking registered Democratic constituents there to pressure their member of Congress into voting against cuts to the ACA. That will take the form of 1) asking them to call their rep’s DC office, 2) asking them to call their rep’s local office and 3) attending a local protest for a media event (these protests will be organized by some local affiliated partners).

If you can help us phone bank, we will be providing scripts, talking points, and access to an online phone banking tool, all that you need to bring is a phone and second screen (laptop, tablet, &c). Note that all phone banking will take place through a web tool so that it can be managed and tracked digitally and in realtime, there won’t be any paper lists, so you need to bring a device with wifi. Phone to call, tablet to enter data during your call.

The good news is that if we can delay or stop the Republican administration from savaging the ACA next week, they will likely become so bogged down by the budget process that they won’t get another shot at it for months, by which time they’ll have lost so much momentum that they’ll (hopefully) abandon the prospect.

Please RSVP to if you plan to attend!

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