ISF flashmob for truth 6/3/17

In exuberant San Francisco style, Bay Area truth-seekers joined thousands who marched in cities across the country last Saturday to demand an independent investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and the Trump regime’s collusion.

ISF flashmob for truth 6/3/17

Replacing a cancelled rally (permit problems?), Indivisible SF hosted a fast-moving event that creatively called out the lies, fake news, and attempted obstruction and coverups by Trump and his ilk. We flash-mobbed, sang (John Lennon’s Gimme Some Truth), sidewalk-marched, FBI guerrilla-acted, and even played with dolls … all for truth!

ISF flashmob for truth 6/3/17

Our march down Market Street was led by Saint Gabriel’s Celestial Brass Band, and got approving honks from passing cars and waves from tourists on two-decker buses. At Justin Herman Plaza Indivisible SF unveiled their six life-size papier-mâché nesting Russian Dolls, perfectly exposing the rot festering inside the Trump administration.

ISF flashmob for truth 6/3/17

Accompanied by a staccato spoken-word litany of true descriptors for each, the largest doll Donald (“Impeachment awaiting”), was opened to reveal Flynn (“Kislyak meeting forgetting”), then Kushner  (“Secret Russian channel seeking”), then Pence (“vagina regulating”), then Page  (“Russian spy recruiting”), and finally Putin (“Democracy-subverting”). 

We’re hoping to hear some truth in Congressional hearings this week. Most hotly anticipated – the public testimony of fired FBI director James Comey at the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Russian interference in the election, set for Thursday June 8th at 7 am PST. Watch live on CSPAN-3 or PBS.  And on Wednesday the Committee hears from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers.

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