Meet new people and spread the Indivisible East Bay message to El Cerrito!

El Cerrito July 4th Indivisible East Bay Booth
7/4/2017 10 am to 5 pm

Booth #55, located at Pomona Ave at Moeser

Description of the task(s) needed:  Help at Indivisible booth to talk one-on-one with people at the Fair. Answer questions, give out information about Indivisible and our agenda, local Indivisible and other groups and actions, etc.  Also, eat corn-dogs and/or other fun fair food (our booth is mere steps from the Food Court).

RSVP to Outreach co-lead Heidi Rand:

July 4th booth

Any special requirements, such as heavy lifting, moving equipment or tables, standing for long periods, public speaking or other: Speaking one-on-one with people who come to the table, knowledge about Indivisible generally and your specific group if you want to recruit members. Knowledge about Indivisible and ally group activities, actions, agendas, etc.

Is the event location wheelchair accessible/are there volunteer options for people with disabilities?  Yes, it is wheelchair accessible, and we will have room in the booth to accommodate wheelchairs. We welcome volunteers with disabilities.

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